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Why is it important? The most common problem that brought you to  Isagenix Malaysia is being FAT. I totally understand what you are experiencing by being fat or with extra kilos in your body, even I felt it myself, and there was no solution until I found something!

A lot of people try to lose weight by not eating rice or carbohydrate containing foods but they never achieved and get back to their normal habit of binge eating as we still needs carbohydrate as part of our diet to lose weight. Some embark in gym workout, instead of weight loss, they gain more kilos as a result of eating more to complement the loss of energy during workout. Some even become anorexic which claims their lives. Besides ,some even consume half boiled eggs or fruits as their diet regime to lose weight and they succeed but at the end of the diet they get back to binge eating again and the cycles continues, they gain back extra weights like SUMO wrestler LOL!

For the very first time I will reveal to you my real solution -- the unique twist that makes this  newsworthy and special.


Isagenix Malaysia

Isagenix Malaysia is a expert in weight loss products company that helps weight loss enthusiast, body builders and athletes achieve optimum weight and build great muscle definition.
Unlike other weight loss products and weight loss products company, Isagenix Malaysia has range of weight loss products made from natural herbs and highest quality whey protein from New Zealand.

Go through this video with Isagenix Testimonials:

Have a look on this amazing testimonial of Ms.Stacy Moscotti:

Isagenix which just launched in Malaysia is a well known for it's weight loss and health product in USA . Isagenix was founded in 2002 by a team of three professionals John Anderson, Jim Coover and Kathy Coover. The headquarters is based in Chandler, Arizona. Isagenix expansion in Malaysia head by former Herbalife Vice President and Managing Director Dato Dr. Ronie Tan. Company in Malaysia will be launched on September 9, 2013. Malaysia will be the 9th country to join Isagenix empire of expansion. Today you are at the right website for right information about the right company to achieve your wellness and wealth goal. Be the PIONEER by joining 11 years old company with vast experience in weigth loss and build muscular body by practising healthy diet.

Still wondering whats I'm explaining about? No worries everything will be explained here. Isagenix is fame for their Weight Loss and Anti-ageing products. Their flagship products are as follows:


IsaLean® Shake

IsaLean® Shake

IsaLean Shake provides the body with a nutrient-dense food, yielding a balanced ratio
of high-quality undenatured protein (from trusted sources in New Zealand), healthy fats and energyboosting carbohydrates. The shake is a convenient, affordable and delicious way to reduce or manage your caloric intake. Simply replacing one to two meals a day with an IsaLean Shake can help put you in control of your weight forever

Cleanse for Life

Cleanse for Life

Looking for more energy, better focus and a leaner body? Then Cleanse for Life is for you. Its unique properties actually help replenish vital nutrients as it cleanses your body.Over time, impurities from the environment, the water you drink and the food you eat, can build up and cause your body to function less efficiently. Cleanse for Life helps to support your body’s natural

ability to rid itself of harmful impurities while nourishing it with vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so your body can function more effectively. Cleanse for Life can help you live each
day to the fullest!

Ionix Supreme

Ionix Supreme

Whether training for a marathon, preparing to make an important presentation or simply
throwing a baseball around with the kids, Ionix Supreme provides the nutritional fuel
you need to be at your best all day, every day. Our scientifically-balanced formula is filled with adaptogens that help your body better cope with the effects of stress while powering performance. The antioxidants in Ionix Supreme protect against the effects of free radicals and
help to preserve health. In addition, the wholefood concentrates and our proprietary blend of trace minerals provide the foundation for outstanding health.

With this products you can start your weight loss and muscle building regime. This products definitely will help you achieve your target weight and muscle definitions.

Isagenix Testimonials

Isagenix Testimonials

Isagenix Testimoni Craig C

Isagenix Testimoni Craig C

When Craig first heard about Isagenix, he was actively trying to lose weight, but not having any luck. After learning about Isagenix, he was motivated to make a permanent change and eager to purchase his first 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. He also entered the 2009 IsaBody Challenge®. The combination helped Craig lose 60 pounds* in his first three months with Isagenix.

Isagenix Testimoni Ashley Brown

Isagenix Testimoni Ashley Brown

Isagenix Nutrition

Isagenix Nutrition

Any one who want to lose weight and build muscular body or sexy curves can consume it. No chemicals added at all. Completely natural diet product.

How Isagenix Weight Loss Program Works ?

Watch this video for overview.

Weight Loss Pak consists of:

Isagenix Malaysia Personal Use Intro Package

Isagenix Malaysia Personal Use Intro Package


Isagenix Isalean Shakes:

Top Shelf Grade A Whey Protein, SOY FREE

Isalean Shakes is made of grade A Whey. It's made of New Zealand top shelf whey, high vitamins content, made with Stevia and most importantly Soy-free. As it's top shelf, you will get New Zealand hormone free, grass fed whey which is the best in the world. You are consuming best of the best shakes as you will absorb and retain the true properties inherent to whey. Top shelf whey protein contains higher concentration of whey protein compare to milk protein which is comparable to the nutritional value of human breast milk. It will helps you to feel fuller for longer period, support muscle growth and maintain and balance blood sugar level, increase effectiveness of branched chain amino acids which aids in muscle growth and creates lean body muscle. Isalean Shakes is a solid punch for your money. We believe you will instantly notice the difference.

One serving will provides you 24gm protein, 24gm carbohydrates, 240 calories and 11gm Stevia sugar.


  • Grade A Whey Protein helps in build lean body by help muscle growth and maintenance, so by that you not only lose weight but also will build muscular body in very short time. In long term, muscular body helps in burning calories even at resting without exercises.
  • Hormone free, your weight loss follow natures rule, you won't feel any hormone imbalance that might cause you become emo.
  • Soy free, guys you won't get any Man Boobs, LOL! Girls you are avoiding from messing up your menses cycle. Ultimately when you avoid soy, you are avoiding from serious health hazard like cancer and etc.
  • Digestive Enzymes, wide ranges of Vitamins and Minerals, help your body absorb maximum nutrients from Isalean shakes into your system by that you will feel more energetic and positive through out your weight loss regime. Your body wll be flourished with ample of nutrients to avoid illness at max. Your daily productivity will increase.

IsaLean Shakes

IsaLean Shakes in Sachet Form, 1 Box contains 14 sachets


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Isagenix IsaLean Pro Shakes

IsaLean Pro Shakes

IsaLean Pro Shakes

• Specialized nutrition with ultrahigh protein—36 grams!
• Builds lean muscle
• Boosts fat burning
• Helps break through weight loss plateaus
• Reduces visceral belly fat
• Prevents age-related muscle loss
• Natural Vanilla and new Natural Chocolate

IsaLean Pro Shakes are 280kcal replacements that combine the nutrient - packed benefits of IsaLean Shake and the protein powder of IsaPro. Protein has everything to do with lean muscle and IsaLean Pro boasts 36 grams of high - quality protein. The extra protein and balanced nutrient profile make IsaLean Pro a great recovery meal to help you get the most out of an intense workout.


  • 36 gm Grade A Whey Protein definitely helps in building lean muscles, you definitely will get muscle definitions. You don't need to struggle to build muscles, even with simple resistance training you will build muscle tones
  • Easily burn visceral fats, you will loss belly fats easily. Reduce belly fat within very short period of time. Visceral fats have high risk to bring health hazards, by reducing belly fat you are more safe from health problems and will feel more confident.
  • Slow down muscles breakdown and maintain muscle mass, more muscles are retain for longer time and you will have a good muscle definition. Increased muscles will increase Basal Metabolic Rate, it means you will easily burn more calories even at resting. With a very simple exercises like brisk walk, you will still burn a lot of calories and even fats.

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